• EASE OF USE: non-stick, easy to clean and saves you time while cooking. It can withstand high temperatures for a long time.
  • HEALTHY: enriches the iron content in our food. TASTY: Cooking in Cast Iron gives the traditional rustic taste to your food, ideal for Indian cooking. Requires very less oil.
  • STURDY: Unlike other types of cookware, cast iron cookwares are sturdy and durable, with the ability to withstand hard handling. A one-time investment!
  • DIAMETER : 11” inches, WEIGHT: 3.4 Kg, One year warranty against manufacturing defects. For warranty registration call at 1800 103 1557.
  • MAINTENANCE: After use, wash with water. Mild soap can used, if required. Do not place in Dishwasher. Dry it with clean cloth. Apply oil on cooking surface, & store. SEASONING: If your pan becomes dull, gray, or gets rusty, you could re-season it. Clean with mild soap. Wipe it clean & dry. Apply generous coat of edible oil. Heat in stove in low / medium heat for approx. 2 minutes. Switch off stove, & allow gradual cooling
BrandMr. Butlers